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Yoga Videos

Video reviews and recommedations.

Best Yoga DVDs
We've picked the best yoga DVDs in a wide variety of styles so you don't have to.

Yoga Video Reviews
All the video reviews from this site plus a chance to post your own top picks.

What's Your Favorite Yoga Video?
Share your favorite yoga video DVD titles

Best Sites for Online Yoga Videos
Free or subscription based online yoga videos offer a great way to bring variety to your yoga video options. Find out the best sites for online yoga videos.

P90X Yoga Review
What kind of yoga is included in the P90X system?

Review - Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy
Yogalosophy is a combination of yoga and toning exercises to intensify the workout.

About.com Yoga Videos
Improve your yoga poses with these free videos from About.com

Yoga Journal's Complete Beginner's Guide DVD Review
My top pick for a DVD for students who are new to yoga.

Review of Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD
Trudie Styler, a long-time yoga practitioner, brings her trainer James D'Silva along to teach these yoga routines.

Review - YogaGlo Online Videos
Yogaglo offers yoga classes via streaming video on the web. A Yogaglo membership gives you access to the continuously updated yoga videos online.

Review - YogaKids Video
A fun yoga video to do with your kids. Lots of animals and songs to keep them entertained.

Review - Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea
A review of Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga Video.

Review - Transform Yourself with Jivamukti Yoga
A fast-pased vinyasa video from the founders of Jivamukti Yoga.

Review - Kimberly Fowler's Yoga for Athletes DVD
Kimberly Fowler teaches power yoga on her Yoga for Athletes DVD.

Yoga Movie Review - Enlighten Up!
In this 2008 documentary, yoga student Nick Rosen travels the world talking to some of yoga's best-known teachers about enlightenment.

Eat Pray Love - A Yoga Review
Is there any yoga in Eat Pray Love?

Titans of Yoga DVD
A roster of top yoga teachers discussing their practices.

Yogawoman Review
Yogawoman is a documentary film examining the role of women in yoga's current popularity. Featuring an impressive roster of notable women yoga experts, Yogawoman focuses on the positive mental, physical and cultural role that yoga can have in women's lives.

Yoga Video Recommendations
From Paige Waehner, About.com's Exercise Guide.

The Ultimate Yogi Review
If you have a spare 108 days or a big space on your yoga DVD shelf, consider the Ultimate Yogi

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