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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Yoga Style?

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Updated June 04, 2012

From the article: Yoga Style Guide
Give a shout out to your favorite yoga style and tell us why it works so well for you. Readers Respond

Hatha yoga

I have been a student with the same sensei for almost 5 years doing Hatha Yoga, and finally going to start teaching own my own. I believe in the human body can heal itself better than we think, physically, mentally & spiritually. I don't get anxiety or panic attacks like I used to and I don't believe in going to the doctors for everything. A healthy diet, exercise and a healthy life style including hatha yoga is all I need. And I want to spread that joy to others :-)
—Guest yogi Stef

A Mix

As the CEO of a yoga mat company with brand ambassadors in multiple disciplines, I like to experience all styles. I love what Guest Ione wrote; I too learn from each.
—Guest Aseem Giri


I love vinyasa for its flow and focus on breathing. It is both relaxing and energizing, and it gives you a good workout.
—Guest Remi


Viniyoga is a comprehensive way to practice Yoga. It includes all dimensions of a human being and thus goes much beyond being simply physical practice.
—Guest Lili

Gentle hatha/ restorative yoga

I find it interesting that more people aren't in to gentle and restorative yoga. after all lots of people go for massages, and spa treatments. or take drugs to help them sleep at night or ward off anxiety attacks. Why must we always be beating ourselves up? the benefits of these gentler types of yoga are many but so many people seem to think if I don't sweat or don't hurt (in a good way... or so we say) after a practice than it was just so much wasted time! Bull!!! as a yoga instructor (200hr ryt certified) I'm familiar with many different types of yoga and they all have great value (depending on the person and the time they are in, in their life) but for me (I'm so Vata) the grounding and balancing of the sun and moon energy in a gentle way and the ability to get a body out of the Anxiety and fight or flight responses of every day living. these 2 yoga disciplines are by far my thing. Namaste
—Guest valerie

a good mix of styles

I teach Hatha, and attend Kripalu and Ashtanga and learn from each...they compliment my 73 year old body and mind.
—Guest Ione


I am legally blind-nearing total blindness. Kundalini has helped me with inner sight as well as insight. My breathing, balance, and strength have improved, I have lost weight and at age 50 have better tone and definition than I have had in many years. It's saving my body and sanity
—Guest Connie Sorensen

Hatha and Kundalini

I do both of these yoga classes every week and have done for years. I get different things from them at different times-depending on what's going on in my life. I am a psychotherapist and, while it may look sometimes like, easy work, it can be demanding and stress inducing. At the moment, I am finding the Hatha Yoga to be quite helpful with stress reduction. But, who the teacher is has a lot to do with the quality of the class.
—Guest Paula Young LMFT

Bikram all the way!

Bikram yoga is by far the most challenging...both mentally and physically! Unlike other forms of exercise, you GAIN energy! Everyone needs to try it at least once!
—Guest Raes104

Iyengar all the way

I love the way you learn to go deeply into poses, learning all the subtle ways to achieve the best alignment, and then do a recovery pose before launching into the next one. Iyengar makes me break into a sweat while holding still. Iyengar also seems to have one of the more rigorous and longest certification programs for teachers, so they tend to be better about helping students work appropriately around injuries, while still challenging them.
—Guest Rina

Integral Yoga

I discovered Yoga while training for the NY marathon. The Road Runners gave a class for runners which was actually Power Yoga. I immediately loved the practice and I believe it's what enabled me to complete the marathon. It was a few years later I wandererd in to Integral Yoga to take a meditation class. The feeling on just entering the building was very hard to describe. A feeling of peace just washed over me. Like someone pulled a plug and all the tension just ran out. I knew right away I had to follow this path. Integral has taught me to accept my limitations and honor my body. I no longer have the need to push and push until exhaustion. I found that while elusive, the feeling of working hard while staying steady and relaxed is an attainable goal and now I try to pass that on to my students. As i open my own studio this month Swami Satchidananda is my guide and inspiration.
—Guest Bobby Balarama

Vinyasa Power Yoga

I love Vinyasa Power Yoga - it has changed my life immensely. I do a session every night and think about it when I am not doing yoga. Makes me feel calm, happy, strong and powerful with a clear and clean mind. Would recommend it to the whole world!!
—Guest Kim Hutton


Love it! The focus on each pose is meditative and allows me to shed the day completely. I come out of a session in a calm, joyful state, and I still feel that I have worked my body.
—Guest bumblebat


I enjoy most styles I have tried including Yin, Kripalu and Forrest yoga, but Triyoga is by far my favorite. I love the flowing sequences which are both strengthening and very meditative. After practising this style for three years I have been inspired to become a teacher.

Bikram Does NOT Equal Hot Yoga

My favorite style is hot yoga by far! As a hot yoga instructor and studio owner I think we need to be careful in saying that Bikram is hot yoga, invented hot yoga, or that hot yoga is based on what Bikram has done. Hot yoga has been around since the beginning of the yoga tradition- 5,000 years ago and should not be defined as invented by one person. There are many hot yoga instructors out there and to attribute hot yoga to one person, who considers himself a celebrity as well as his trainees, is a bad idea. Namaste!

Readers Respond

What's Your Favorite Yoga Style?

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