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Readers Respond: Share Your Embarrassing Yoga Story

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Updated May 16, 2012

We've all been there when gas is passed or unfortunate body odor rears its ugly head. Here's your chance to share your embarrassing tale and how you handled the situation.

I sweat like crazy *blush*

I take a shower before every yoga class, literally 30 minutes before. But during a power yoga class, I just sweat like crazy. I can't help it! And no amount of deodorant seems to prevent drenching my clothes. Sometimes, I'm just totally sweaty and don't smell. but on the days I do, oh, it's SO embarrassing. I can smell myself! I hate that. I try to keep a sweater or shirt to put on right after class, to cover the scent afterwards, but there isn't much I can do during class.
—Guest Anne


I came down from headstand in Ashtanga and totally varted. Super loud. It was the end of the class so there were only like 5 people there... but I didn't know anyone so when I started laughing everyone just avoided eye contact with me and acted oblivious. Would have preferred that they laugh with me...
—Guest aqora


At the end of a class I was instructing my students in Happy Baby/Dead Bug pose when I accidentally called it Dead Baby pose!! There was a very long, quiet pause and then I said "WHOOPS, sorry about that. " There were two pediatricians in class that day and they never let me live it down when I see them at the Hospital where I work.
—Guest Nancy

singing vajayjay

two weeks ago my girlfriend and i were in yoga class stretching and i spread my legs while they were in the air and my vagina let out a loud VART and we laughed to the point we cried.
—Guest Amanda

Music oopsie!!!

Several years ago, a student of mine made me a cd with Euro-loungy music (I like to play all sorts of funky music in my classes), but neglected to tell me that one of the songs repeatedly uses the "M-F" word... something I NEVER would have played in a class, but there it was... blasting loud and proud! The two little old ladies who popped into class that day on a whim definitely got an earful! It's amazing how fast I ran across the room, jumping mats, blocks, and students to hit the OFF button. Everyone had a good laugh about it... THANKFULLY!
—Guest yoginimichelle

Hope This Doesnt Happen to You!

Last week at my hot yoga class, I forgot to bring a towel for my sweat. Mid-way through the class, my feet and mat were drenched making me slide everywhere. The class was instructed to keep our legs straight, spread them as far as we could, and touch the ground. I decided to go slow with the position due to my grip situation, once I reached down to touch the floor, my feet completely slid out making me do the splits and my feet made a fart-like sound against the mat. The entire class errupted in laughter at my situation..... I pulled my groin....so I left. I am now referred to as "Fart-Girl".
—Guest notsowarrior

Falling over

I was in a power yoga class at a gym, and we were doing standing forward bend with our palms under our feet. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting the backs of my hands as flat as they were, when I could feel myself start to tip forward. Unfortunately the weight of my feet on my hands meant that I couldn't get my hands out to catch myself. It felt like it took forever to wiggle a hand out sideways and catch myself! It could have been worse; at least I didn't fall over on my head.

Working with Men

I was teaching a yoga class at a mill's fitness center with a bunch of male millworker's. They were a nice bunch of fellows, very respectful. One fellow though thought he needed to be the class clown. He was in the front of the class, I had my back to them in a seated hero pose, and he said loudly, "Hey! Anybody else here getting a mountain pose in their pants??" I have to admit, I about died laughing!!
—Guest Kimberly

Afraid to take the blame

The lady next to me let one go & it was really loud. I was so afraid everyone thought it was me. I would try to avoid her, but she always found a spot next to me. Once, she actually got embarrassed & left class after one of her loud outbursts. Thank goodness!!!
—Guest phoke

I farted in Yoga

I teach pre-natal yoga and in the first session, I told the women to feel comfortable if they need to pass gas, especially in the deep squat position. Well, of course the next week, I, the teacher, actually farted and I could tell the students wanted to die laughing. When I left the session, I sent a text message to my sister telling her that I farted in yoga. The response text I got was "I found this phone and don't know who it belongs to, sorry to hear about yoga :(". I laughed all the way home!
—Guest JN

Empty stomach? Well... it is now!

I knew you were supposed to do yoga on an empty stomach, but I didn't realize why that was until one day when a lunch meeting got pushed back and I decided to go to afternoon yoga anyway. After all, I'd only had a salad... shouldn't be a problem, right? About 15 minutes in, I began to feel uncontrollably nauseous. I ran out of class (where I was positioned at the back, as always, so I caused double the ruckus) and made it as far as a garbage can in the hall, just in time to quite literally lose my lunch. AWKWARD! Turns out there really isn't room in the old tummy for even a few leaves of lettuce when you're trying to get into deep twists and bends. EAT AFTER CLASS!
—Guest Megan

Tearing My Shorts During Class

My first yoga class, I happily went in a pair of cotton shorts. They were cute, but didn't have much give to them. The whole class stretched forward into the clam pose, and there was a loud R-R-R-RIP! My shorts had completely split down the seam. I shot up quickly out of shock and embarrassment. I should have stayed stretched down though, since I now was the only one in class sitting straight up and everyone could see my red face in the mirrors placed all over the room. I've always paid particular attention to my yoga attire since.
—Guest A.P.

clumsy dolphin

I was in the middle of the dolphin asana when my foot began sliding away. I could not stop laughing, even though it hurt like heck (slipping away when the top of your head rests on the floor; not a good plan)
—Guest Sylvia

A Little Nipple Action

That's it. No biggie. I was teaching and I guess my spaghetti strap top shifted in movement and out popped my right nipple while all eyes were on me. I just shoved 'er right back in and smiled with a little "woopsie, get back in there... not the right time," and we just snickered and continued on. Students dig when we're not "perfect." It humanizes us and helps us keep it real. The class became much more lighthearted from the moment the nipple popped out and beyond. :)
—Guest Kris

months to learn pose

It took several months for me to do a tripod and wheel and I feel silly when new people come and get it in the first class.

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